Why are more and more companies deciding in favour of the FRIAMAT? That’s easy: THE FRIAMAT

April 2014 we start with our new electrofusion units FRIAMAT Prime and FRIAMAT Basic.

The new FRIAMAT fusion units have received yet another boost in performance. This can be seen especially in continuous operation and when large fittings are processed. Here, ultra modern converter technology and active, flow optimised cooling reduce the process and downtimes.

The FRIAMAT fuses and fuses and fuses. And that reliably and free of problems in the working temperature range of -20 °C to +50 °C.

Every FRIAMAT can meet the harsh requirements of everyday work on the most diverse building sites. The new, wear resistant Bi-mat housings and the excellent work-manship of all components together present a robust design that virtually eliminates failure owing to mechanical effects. With every FRIAMAT you acquire access to our network of global service stations. With specialists who solve your problems quickly, safely and competently.

The sum of acquisition, operating, and maintenance costs makes it clear:
A FRIAMAT is an investment that makes perfect economic sense.

What’s the economically correct answer to differing claims? 
FRIAMAT Prime and FRIAMAT Basic.

Friatec_prime_mit-Kabel The compact design and the weight saving converter technology in FRIAMAT fusion units not only safeguard a consistently high performance, but also reduce and spread more evenly their weight. This together with the large, ergonomically optimised handle enhances considerably the portability of these devices on the building site.
 Friatec_prime_gekippt The new housing geometry also allows the unit to be tilted, ideal for fatigue free working in all building site conditions.
 Scanner The fusion units with documentation function, FRIAMAT prime and FRIAMAT prime eco, are equipped with USB interfaces – protected by an interface cover against external influences – and are thus equipped for modern data transfer. With the FRIATEC Memory-Stick the fusion and traceability data can be easily transferred from the FRIAMAT to the PC. A possibility to output the fusion data as pdf document sets standards in recording.
 USB The proven reader wand and the FRIAMAT scanner have been available for years for reading in fusion and traceability barcodes.