Superior jointing technology for: Service pipes

Whether new construction or renovation: HD-PE pipes are mainly used for house connection. FRIALEN’s house connection systems create jointings which convince with their ease of installation, value for money, durability and safety. With FRIALEN you are well equipped for all construction measures in gas and water supply – even with complex pipe designs. For example with …

FRIALONG FRIALONG long couplers… are almost twice as long as standard couplers. They are ideal for the installation and low stress fusion of coiled goods d 32 to d 63. Two more FRIALEN coupler types are available for pipe connections: the MB coupler with easily removable stop and the UB coupler without stop suitable as slide-on coupler.

FRIASTOPP long couplers with integrated excess flow valve

… are used directly behind the pressure tapping tee to secure the underground house connection. The gas flow is automatically stopped in the case of a pipe damage, e.g. caused by digging or drilling.

 dav FRIALEN (DAV) tapping valves… are tapping valves for gas and water pipes which can be shut off. Installation and handling of the DAV is uniquely simple and fast – this is because …

  • fusion and tapping of the main pipe is possible with both gas and water at maximum operating pressure
  • up to d 225, only ten rotations are required for tapping and activating “open/close” function
  • operation is very simple due to low tapping forces
  • the compact construction part has no loose parts which could be lost
  • no corrosion protection is necessary
daa FRIALEN (DAA) tapping valves… are the perfect choice when the pipe does not need to be shut off. Due to its special design, tapping under operating pressure is guaranteed without leakage.
 Reduzierung FRIALEN moulded parts… simplify the installation of house connections. The wide range includes FRIALEN elbows, FRIALEN T-pieces and FRIALEN reducers.
 Uebergangsstueck FRIALEN adapters… serve as material transitions from metallic components with thread connection or spigot end with a HD-PE connection, e.g. valves.