Superior jointing technology for: Main pipes

For many years now pipe systems made from plastic have gained ground in the gas and water supply. The HD-PE material allows you, the user, to benefit every day from low weight, resistance to corrosion, excellent chemical durability and exceptional fusibility. FRIALEN provides you with a complete range of electrofusion fittings for HD-PE pipes from d 75 to d 225.

 winkel FRIALEN elbows… are used for direction changes in pipe alignment. The FRIALEN range provides standard elbows of 30°, 45° and 90°, and in addition 11° for more flexibility in pipe alignment.
 flanscht FRIALEN (FLT) flange T-pieces… are compact combination components made from FRIALEN T-piece, reducer and flange. They are used for the connection of valves made from different types of metal, mainly for the connection of hydrants.
 stutzenschellen FRIALEN (SA) spigot saddles… allow for the creation of large branches in gas and water pipes – without disruption even under operating pressur.