Safe joining technology on a grand scale

large_pipes Construction site-appropriate solutions in XL

Pipes made of HD-PE have been used for decades in water and gas supply as well as waste water disposal applications and have proven themselves countless times. The fusibility of the material as optimal joining method plays a major role in this success story.

Because of the broad market acceptance as well as the extended options in pipe production, pipings made of HD-PE are moving into ever-larger dimensions. Pipe layers at construction sites worldwide are thus confronted with new challenges, both with regard to the handling of fittings and the joining technology.

With FRIATEC, you will cope with these challenges.

FRIALEN XL Large Pipe Technique includes almost all products for joining large pipings ranging from d 250 to d 1200. FRIATEC AG is characterised by experience, major application-technical know-how, high product and service quality as well as innovation.

This was the basis for the development of a product portfolio specifically designed to meet the requirements of the joining of large pipes.

Priority is given to your benefit at the construction site.