Strong arguments for superior jointing technology

  1. Exposed heating coil for improved hold:

FRIALEN safety fittings are designed with exposed heating coils. These provide consistent heat transfer during fusion and optimum homogenous connection of the materials. Other advantages include …

  • fusion result is not affected by oxidic layer in the fitting
  • symmetrical fusion ellipse
  • excellent and fast bridging of gap.
  1. Longer fusion zone for more bite:

FRIALEN safety fittings have a longer fusion zone thus clearly exceeding the requirements by the European standard. This allows a considerably greater solidity and reliability of the fusion joint. Other advantages include …

  • enlarged force transferring area
  • greater installation safety
  • higher long term solidity of the jointing.
  1. Larger insertion depth for a perfect result:

The larger insertion depth of the pipe ends inside the coupler
contributes considerably to the reliability and safety of your
pipe connections. FRIALEN safety fittings ensure that …

  • angle deviations are safely absorbed
  • bending stresses are better compensated
  • melt pressures are evenly built up.