Long lifespan, safe, economical: FRIAFIT jointing technology

By choosing FRIAFIT you are creating the perfect conditions for an efficient installation and economic operation of your drainage. The superior advantages of FRIAFIT fittings make sure of that:

Exposed heating coil

Only FRIAFIT boasts exposed heating coils without a HD-PE layer getting in the way. These provide:

  • optimum heat transfer during fusion
  • a good build-up of molten pressure
  • a homogenous connection of the materials – pipe and fitting become an inseparable unit

Long fusion zone

FRIAFIT fittings boast extra long fusion zones. These provide:

  • maximum processing safety and reliability
  • permanently tight connections due to expansion of force transmitting area

Great insertion depth

FRIAFIT fittings boast great insertion depth. This allows for:

  • ease of pipe guidance
  • optimum chambering of the molten mass resulting in constant pressure during fusion
 Verbindungstechnik_86 Areas of applicationThe FRIAFIT sewage system may be fused without any limitations with pipes made from HD-PE according to DIN 8074/8075, EN 12666 and DIN 19537 of ranges SDR 33, SDR 26, SDR 17.6 and SDR 17. Pipes made of PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100 with a melt flow ratio MFR190/5 between 0.2 – 1.7 g/10 min. can be fused. The FRIAFIT Sewage System may be processed with ambient temperatures ranging from -10°C to +45°C.
Arbeitsvorbereitung PreparationHD-PE pipes react in contact with ambient air creating an oxide layer. This oxide layer must be removed from the surface to be covered as part of the preparation for the fusion process in order to achieve good results. FRIATEC provides perfectly designed tools in its FRIATOOLS range.
 Schweissen FusionThe fusion process for connecting HD-PE pipes with the FRIAFIT fittings is carried out using FRIAMAT fusion units from the FRIATOOLS range. These are controlled automaticallyby the barcode attached to the FRIAFIT fittings in regards to energy required and duration of the fusion process. In addition FRIAFIT electrofusion fittings have an automatic temperature compensation system which, together with FRIAMAT fusion units, prevents the ambient temperature having a negative effect on the fusion result.