SAER Elettropompe

SAER Elettropompe S.p.A. was established in 1951 by Mr.Carlo Favella. Currently it is managed by his sons Franco Favella, Mauro and Ivanca Favella, carrying on an history of over 50 years in the centrifugal surface and submersible pumps and motors field.

Who we are
With a complete range starting from peripheral pumps up to the most sophisticated groups of pressure and split casing pumps, SAER is the ideal solution in the clear waters field.

Four Companies established in Italy, internal departments of R&S and control quality, a team of qualified technicians and area managers able to satisfy customer’s needs, a wire of distribution in over 120 Countries in the world: SAER is one of leading surface and submersible pumps and motors in the world.

Full Made in Italy production, offering the Best Quality.

As we want to offer a quality product, differentiating us from others for excellence, expertise and professionalism, we decided to keep all the production centralized in Italy.

SAER offers not only an innovative range concerning the quality level but also in the wish to give precise solutions to the market requests, thanks to the results achieved by the Research and development department’s activity.

SAER exports all over the world and has been recommended by consultants and prestigious international corporations.

SAER produces centrifugal pumps from 0.5 HP to 400 HP,50 and 60 HZ, for fields such as domestic, industrial, firefighting, irrigation, mining, naval etc.

The pumps can be supplied in different metallurgies: cast iron, carbon steel, bronze and stainless steel AISI 316, DUPLEX.

The SAER range includes: centrifugal peripheral electric pumps, centrifugal single impeller electric pumps, centrifugal electric pumps with two opposite impellers, multistage horizontal and vertical centrifugal electric pumps, electric centrifugal self priming pumps, electric centrifugal gear pumps, normalized centrifugal monobloc pumps, centrifugal electric normalized pumps with stub shaft, centrifugal bareshaft normalized electric pumps, centrifugal bareshaft exceeding the norm electric pumps, swimming pool pumps, drainage pumps, centrifugal submersible radial and semiaxial electric submersible pumps, split casing pumps and booster sets.

SAER’s flagship products are submersible pumps and motors. With a complete range of submersible pumps from 4″ to 14″, available in four metallurgies (cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and bronze marine), SAER is the complete solution for the applications in this field.

Motor from 4″ to 12″, with powers from 0.5 HP to 400 HP, 50 and 60 Hz.

4″ and 6″ oil filled, nontoxic oil (approved USA FDA, US Pharmacopoeia / National Formulary, USDA, European Pharmacopoea).

6 “,8 “,10 “,12” water filled motors completely rewindables.

The functioning with inverter is possible too.

All SAER submersible motors are 100% tested in our laboratories. All the tests are recorded and can be supplied on request.