Pompetravaini, founded in 1929, is one of the leading worldwide manufactures of liquid ring vacuum pumps with single stage (TRS) and two stages (TRH) pump series. With the experience acquired through decades of engineering research, continual investments in the latest technological advanced machinery, and sound mechanical know-how, Pompetravaini’s products are today synonymous with high quality, high efficiency, robust construction and maximum reliability.

These pumps are used in the following applications:
Central vacuum systems, DE-aeration, impregnation, boiling processes, vacuum condensing, distillation, drying systems, sterilization, filtration and solvent recovery.

Pompetravaini new liquid ring pump series TRMX 250 and TRMX 320 are single stage, variable-port design, featuring greater performance than the previous TRMB pump series. This is the result of Pompetravaini’s experience combined with recommendations and suggestions from valuable end users.

This marks a new mile stone in the way liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed and manufactured while providing end users with tangible benefits.