Pumps Division

Aliaxis Scandinavia is part of the Aliaxis-conglomerate along with FRIATEC AG.
Since being founded in 1857 the company has developed through many intermediate stages in the last century and a half into today’s FRIATEC AG – Rheinhütte Pumps Division. The company today is a pump specialist in demand throughout the world, whose products play a leading role in international competition – due especially to the extensive variety of materials and designs.
As well as its 2 production plants in Wiesbaden and Rennerod, the FRIATEC AG – Rheinhütte Pumps Division has numerous technical branch offices in Germany and a worldwide network of Sales and Service depots. As a specialist in corrosion and wear resistant materials Aliaxis and FRIATEC Rheinhütte Pumps leads the field in know-how in many specific areas. The basis for our comprehensive pump range is the three material groups Metals, Plastics and Ceramics. Thanks to this wide variety of materials and more than 40 different pump ranges we are able to offer solutions specific to the process and the medium.

As a complement to the FRIATEC Rheinhütte pumps program Aliaxis also can offer:

  • Pompetravaini
  • SAER Elettropompe

Our supply range includes:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Bore hole pumps
  • Standardized pumps
  • Non-clogging pumps
  • Self-priming pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps
  • Non-seal pumps, magnet driven
  • Our suppliers are all certified according to ISO 9001.



Euro Expo, Karlstad, Sweden, January 24th – 25th – Pumps Division

Euro Expo, Trondheim, Norway, March 21st – 22nd – Pumps Division

Euro Expo, Kristiansand, Norway, April 18th – 19th – Pumps Division

Ceramic Seminar, Oslo, Norway – Scandic Solli, April 19th

Ceramic Seminar, Stockholm, Sweden – Scandic Sjöfartshotellet, May 23rd

Open House and Half-day seminar, Naestved, Denmark – at Aliaxis, Nordre Farimagsvej 16, September 13th – Ceramics & Pumps

ONS 2018, Stavanger, Norway August 27th – 30th – Ceramics & Pumps Division

Alihankinta, Tampere, Finland, September 26th – 28th – Ceramics & Pumps Division

OTD 2018, Bergen, Norway, October 17th – 18th – Ceramics & Pumps Division

Euro Expo, Tromsö, Norway, October 24th – 25th – Ceramics & Pumps Division

Elmia Subcontractor, Jönköping, Sweden, November 14th – 17th – Ceramics Division



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