We are able to complement our well-known, high-performance ceramic FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT materials with high-quality microwave ceramics and ferrites from our German cooperation partner AFT Microwave GmbH, Backnang:

Microwave ferrites:

  • Spinels: 4pMS up to 5,000 Gauss; Ni-Zn, Mg-Mn, Li-Ferrites, losses
  • Garnets: low loss – high efficiency; Al-YIG, Al-Gd, Al-In, Ca-V-In YIG
  • Dielectric ferrite composites: Single and/or double toroidal formats for phase converters

Dielectric ceramic materials:

  • Bulk & thin film: Ca-Mg-TiO3, Al2O3-TiO2
  • Plastic: Dielectric titanium-filled (TiO4) polymers with high density, low losses and e = 3 to 20
  • Dielectric resonators: different materials with customised frequencies and measurements

Materials are manufactured according to customer specifications or to standard measurements:
Discs: diameter = 2 to 50 mm; height =0.25 till 25 mm
Triangles: measurements = 5 to 38 mm, height=0.25 to 25 mm
Substrate: 1” ×  1” × 10 mil to 40 mil, 1” ×  2” × 10 mil to 40 mil, 2” ×  2” × 10 mil to 40 mil

Thin film technology:

We primarily manufacture thin film technology according to customer layout. Complicated outer and inner geometries such as metallised holes are produced without difficulty. We specialise in:

Gold technology:

  • TaN resistors
  • Gold as conductor structure
  • Multilayer systems with Pd
  • Simpler soldering process

Copper technology:

  • NiCr resistors
  • Copper as conductor structure
  • Air bridges with Ni
  • Can be soldered with Pb iron

The products are manufactured by AFT Microwave GmbH, Backnang, which has been involved in ceramic production and thin film technology since 1959.

Aliaxis Utilities & Industry AB in Spånga has overall responsibility for technical advice, sales and distribution of AFT’s product programme in Scandinavia.