Aliaxis together with FRIATEC AG is specialized in ceramic high-performance materials. Starting this year, the company can offer two weeks’ standard delivery time on the production of prototypes made of FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT High-Performance Ceramics using the single-stage manufacturing method.

Aliaxis is a leading producer of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant high-performance ceramics when it comes to precise manufacturing and serial production. Aliaxis is now speeding up product development with introducing a new method for prototype production that is completely different to additive manufacturing methods, such as 3D printing. This method offers significant advantages. Aliaxis uses a single-stage manufacturing method with CAD/CAM construction that produces the prototype from the sintered raw part using CNC hard machining within a very short time. The method allows highest geometrical flexibility in component design and guarantees fast product development from the idea to efficient serial production.

For Aliaxis it takes maximum two weeks from the collocation of CAD data to prototyping. The single-stage process using CAD/CAM programming ensures the highest process safety for high-performance ceramics because the sintered component is used when milling the required geometry in accordance with drawings. Thus, material qualities of the prototypes correspond 100% to the quality of the serial. Impressive tolerance fields and surface qualities can be achieved. Absolute tolerances as well as form and positional tolerances are below 20 µm. Excellent surface qualities of Ra

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